Randal Harrison


Best Blues Artist (MAMAs ’04)
Jazz Artist of the Year (MAMAs ’08)
Classical Artist of the Year (MAMAs ’08)

Bio Page Overview

On this page you’ll find descriptions of Randal Harrison’s performance groups and individual bios for the artists who regularly perform with him. You can scroll down to the bottom of the page for Randal’s full biography - “the novella version”.

• Randal Harrison compositions have been included in several films and documentaries, various artist recordings and commercial recordings, in addition to Randal’s extensive educational materials. Please contact Randal directly to commission and/or license his compositions.

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randalnewheadcolorsmall.jpg Randal Harrison Ensembles: overview

The Randal Harrison Trio
- original jazz, appalachian funk, tango nuevo
(violin, bass, percussion)

Randal Harrison: New String Trio - contemporary string trio
(violin, cello, bass)

Bodhinay` - world music trio
(violin, bayan, bodhran)

Honor Among Thieves - quintessential jam band
(voices, violin, guitar, bass, drums)

Arpeggione - baroque/classical
(violin, guitar)

Randal Harrison - solo artist
(violins, voice, feet and various other body parts)

Freelance Artist. Here is a list of artists that have recently hired Randal as violinist/fiddler. You can go to the “Links” page to find their website’s listing of performances:

• Piper Road Spring Band - bluegrass
• Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble - gypsy swing
• Leahy’s Luck - celtic folk
• Josh Harty - singer songwriter
• Kicksville - electronica

Ensemble Descriptions

The Randal Harrison Trio


The Randal Harrison Trio

Original Jazz, Appalachian Funk, Tango Nuevo

• Violin
• Bass
• Drums

“Captivating” and “Exhilarating” describe this innovative jazz violinist and EMMY nominated composer. The rhythm section includes Mark Urness, winner of the prestigious International Society of Bassists’ Jazz Competition and Dane Richeson, world renowned percussionist and Blue Note recording artist. “Brilliant musicians” describes the Randal Harrison Trio’s self-titled 2007 CD release.

• available for concert and festival performances, clinics, artist in residencies.

Randal Harrison: New String Trio


Randal Harrison: New String Trio

Billie Holiday to Jimi Hendrix  /  Bo Diddley to Astor Piazzolla

• Violin
• Cello
• Bass

Randal Harrison: The New String Trio is this Emmy nominated composer and jazz violinist's latest venture. The New String Trio features Matt Turner, regarded as one of the world's leading improvising cellists, and Mark Urness, winner of the prestigious International Society of Bassists Jazz Competition. The group may have classical instrumentation, but they aren't at all exclusive or stuffy. From Bo Diddley to Billie Holiday - Jimi Hendrix to Astor Piazzolla, Harrison's arrangements and original compositions are fresh and meaty. The New String Trio's charisma and virtuosity inspire audiences of any genre!

• available for concert and festival performances, clinics, artist in residencies.